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Yarelly Asencio
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Hey guys!

Pink popsicle by iingoI'm just a crazy otaku, history buff, science addicted and entomologically driven, aracnid loving and mythologically obsessed single mom, with her own dragon to raise!

White popsicle by iingoI go through life moment by moment appreciating what comes my way and skwashing what tries to suck out my rainbow...I mean really? Rainbows are so PRETTY!!!

Rainbow Heavens by r0se-designsRainbow Heavens by r0se-designsRainbow Heavens by r0se-designsRainbow Heavens by r0se-designsRainbow Heavens by r0se-designs

Pink popsicle by iingoI am also constantly told that my personality strongly resembles Applejack's, due to my work ethic, responsibilities and tough 'let's get this done right,and with enthusiasm" attitude hahaha among other characteristics.
*Free Pagedoll* Applejack by mochatchi

White popsicle by iingoMy objective here? To meet those who speak my language and wield the same weapon as I do.........Creativity!
Follow me down the rabbit hoooooooollleeeee!!!!!

down the Rabbit Hole (F2U) by Kia-chaaan

:iconyarelly: Link  Page Doll by nyharu

credits for the beautiful pixel art here!

Orion pagedoll & icon : :iconcaptain-kittyballs:
Rainbow Heavens : :iconr0se-designs:
Applejack pagedoll: :iconmochatchi:
Alice : :iconkia-chaaan:
Link: :iconnyharu:
Popsicle bullets : :iconiingo:


So hey guys!!!!
I've been pretty much gone these past few days and though my family and I have gone thru a lot, we still havent gotten out of the woods yet. But I am getting to stay a bit at home......

So before I get to paint anything I decided to answer this tag....why not right?
So here goes

Tagged by ---> :iconx-redlemon-x:

1. Write 13 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. You have to tag 13 people.
4. You can't say you don't do tags. 
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. You have to finish this within a week. If not, you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc. (who came up with this one??)
8. Be creative with the title (no one follows all the rules lol)

13 FACTS about me.....

1. My name is Yarelly (yes my username is actually my name)

2. I am somewhat human and fully support any and all types of fellow humans, as long as they are not sociopaths, psychopaths,               bigots, ignorant, hypocritical douche bags, children predators, selfish blob-fish and homophobic misogynistic leeches.  Those don't
      qualify as human....just waste bi-product.

3. Love spiders, snakes and reptiles but also CATS. Yes dogs too. ALL ANIMALSSSS!! Except cockroaches and mosquitoes!!!!

4. Horror, thriller, criminology, history, mythology and science buff!!

5. Am very serious and quiet, not shy. Reserved and introverted. Friends call me Ice Queen -__-

6. BIG FACT!! I was terrified to have a baby, not bcuz I didnt know what to expect or anything like that, but knowledgeable of the
    horrors within real life. I always felt that no child was deserving of such hell.

7. I have been in a total of 13 automobile accidents. I was a passenger in all of them -___- my first was when I was 4! Still                       rememeber.

8. Halloween and October are my thing! Love it!!!!!!

9. Am incredibely creeped out by plastic baby dolls. uuuuuuurrrghh I AVOID that area in Toys R Us!!!

10. I always put my son and family first! ALWAYS!

11. I've worked in over 32 places!

12. Find education system senseless, boring and a waste of a child's time!!!

13. I sing randomly in public places and do weird often stared at. My son loves it hahaha

Questions for me:

1.  What is your favorite passtime?
    Other than painting or doing art anything with my son!

2. What does your name mean? (origins)
    Strength and Freedom.

3. What colour eyes do you find attractive in a partner?
    I don't have any particulars, buuuuuutttt I guess I prefer very dark brown eyes....

4. Gherkins...Like or Love?

5. The worst thing you have ever witnessed?
    A car runover a mom who had just bought Chinese food for her family.

6.Where you a popular child in school, middle of the ladder, quiet and content or bullied beyond belief?
    In elementary everyone knew each other for years, so we were all friends, but then moved so went to a couple different schools
    Was bullied horribly in 11th grade at my last school, then I became a true monster senior year and had full fledged revenge.
    Yeah it was bad :(

7. Favorite body type/features in your ideal man/woman.any other genders?
    uuuuuuummmmmm, well placed and well done tattoos, love the eyes, hands, back, shoulders? I guess

8. What date do you wish you were born in and why? (e.g 1960's and reason)
    VICTORIAN ERA!!! In Britain!!! 1830s!!!
    It was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities and national self-confidence for Britain.

9. Favourite season of the year?
    FALL!!! No doubt! Love it!!

10. What is your favourite anime series or film?
      Film : Howl's Moving Castle and Akira
      Series : Elfen Lied and Tokyo Ghoul

11. Worst pet peeve?
      People getting too close to me!

12. Weirdest fact about yourself?
      I'm an actual Unicorn Octopus who burps glitter, eats candy corn and happens to be Godzilla's mother.
13. If you had the chance to be either a vampire, demon, werewolf, ghost or ghoul which would you be and why? ;) (Wink)
    Haha, I would be a demon-vampire with witch powers and ghoul strength, who happens to have a werewolf boyfriend.
    Why??? More like hell yeah!

Questions for youuuuu!!!!!!

1. If you could meet someone (anyone real, dead, or fictional) who would it be and why?
2. Do you believe in the supernatural?
3. Three things about you you love.
4. Three things about you you can't stand.
5. What mythical creature would you be and why?
6. Whats the first thing you notice about a person? (eyes, lips, butt, etc)
7. If you had wings where would you fly?
8. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
9. What colors do you tend to gravitate towards?
10. What are you most afraid of?
11. Favorite candy?
12. What's the worst thing you ever smelled?
13. If you could be a super mutant what would you look like and which would be your powers?

TAG! You're IT!!!
AT : Rainbow Moonstone by Yarelly
AT : Rainbow Moonstone
Ok so this has been LOOOOONNNNGGG awaited!!
This is my part of a trade with the wonderful :iconcmoontoon:

Ok so first!
I had agreed to do a traditional piece, but I have been in and out so much these days that it would take me 4 months!
So I decided to make it digital and after my crisis is done...I shall make the traditional piece for you lovely!
This is her amazing Gemsona OC Rainbow Moonstone wh
ich is just to die for!!! That hair and the clothes drive me nuts!!!
She was beyond fun to paint and I am praying that I did your beauty justice, since you more than deserve it!!
Thank you for always being such a wonderful friend for me and always being there!

Also....I got a bit burned out of chibis and shine so am going a bit back to my old old OOOOOOLLLLDDDDDD stuff......not submitted here though haha
Am still doing the 100 chibis guys no worries!

My Facebook…

My pinterest

My Fiverr

My Twitter

My Tumblr

My Instagram

Go to my instagram to see sketches and progress on upcoming pieces! PLus any weirdness from me haha

Rainbow Moonstone © :iconcmoontoon:

Art © : :iconyarelly:
Bubbles by Yarelly
So here is Bubbles

Love the blue!

My Facebook…

My pinterest

My Fiverr

My Twitter

My Tumblr

My Instagram

Go to my instagram to see sketches and progress on upcoming pieces! PLus any weirdness from me haha

Art © : :iconyarelly:
Apologies for being silent and not answering any comments, have a huge stack of them I need to reply and WILL! Just want to be a bit more happy to do so! But willllll
Buttercup by Yarelly
SO I finished this baby yesterday and did SO MUCH editing on her that I myself am amazed!!
I mean I changed her body shape, her boots, her dress and even her eyes haha!
I just decided yo go with what felt "me".

I have to admit I am in looooove with her dress!!!!!!
Like I mentioned before these are the Powerpuffs my way...I would like to snaze them up with a lot more details but these are simple renditions of what I would like

I am very happy at how she ended up and I didnt notice, but her eyes kinda came out like my OC Orion's

Anyways hope you guys like and will continue to submit and paint...little by little I guess

My Facebook…

My pinterest

My Fiverr

My Twitter

My Tumblr

My Instagram

Go to my instagram to see sketches and progress on upcoming pieces! PLus any weirdness from me haha

Art © : :iconyarelly:

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Hiiiyooo!! Sorry I kinda turned myself into a missing link hahaha
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